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Monday, May 31, 2010

End of HCG P2

Well due to HIGH stress levels the last 2 weeks and not totally focused I still lost a total of 31lbs and 23 inches.  I am retaining a lot in my belly and ankles and I am guessing it is stress.  Today is my last of drops day so am doing a steak day and of course my next 3 days are w/o drops to set things in stone.  Hoping to drop a few more pounds, but am ending at 259:)  I started at a fluctuating 290-293.  I went by 290 so am totally happy with results despite the ups and downs between TOM and tests hubby had to go thru and then finally being diagnosed with Cancer and put in for immediate surgery and spending a week in the hospital.  All things considering how I stuck to protocol as well as I did is beyond me other than out of it all it is ALL I had control over.  I am not going to lie and say I ate strictly on diet but did the best I could to keep going.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

HCG D 47-50

This past week has been super stressful and this new week well shall see.  Awaiting test results for hubby and more tests to come.  We had to delay getting Lady due to the new turn of events in our lives.  That is on next weeks plans.

So after a week of really crappy eating and just not caring mostly too stressed out to focus.  Amazing how much energy goes into losing weight lol.  Well got back on Sunda felt hungry but I think it was I wanted to eat the crap due to still awaiting those test results to find out what is up with my husband.  Monday I was down 3lbs from Sundays weigh in putting me back to the 23.2lbs lost (which is down from a couple weeks ago) I was at 26.8lbs gone:(  That is ok I am ready to be strong again and what ever life throws our way I will be getting healthier no matter what!!  TOM FINALLY arrived and I am chalking the lateness to that of the stress we are under delaying its arrival.  I am going to the end of May...I need to get into the 250s since we will be doing horseback riding this summer and many places have a weight limit of 250.

Tuesday was down 1.4, Weds down 1.2 and today Thursday I am down another 1.8.  I have stuck strictly to protocol...no caution foods what so ever.  during my week of totally crappy I don't care what I eat week I gained 6.4 lbs I am now below my last lowest weigh in before dealing with TOM.  Sure I could look at it this way I could be that 7lbs lower still of what I was...but I can't sit here and beat myself up...life happened I just need to learn more how to deal with those situations.  I think what gets me or scares me most is out of habit every morning I still weighed in...so why not out of habit after weeks of eating healthy could I not stick to that...those numbers going up on made me not care more during the highest stress moments.  I couldn't eat a lot of the not so great food choices but had many of those bad choices...I suppose the weight gain could have been a lot worse as I must have conscientiously cared a little as when I ordered pizza it was with Ranch rather than sodium loaded red sauce...Remember my indiscretion a few weeks back where one slice made me gain 3 lbs over night...well I gained nothing over my ranch with bacon pizza.

Now that the weight is going down I feel better and will be able to stabilize much better than before and will feel more at ease about going to P3.  This is why I chose to get back on after my interruption rather than moving on.  I was really unstable and fluctuating in my weight and didn't feel it was good to move to next phase with things like that.  I feel P3 would have been a disaster.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Well interesting...I lost .6lbs after a not so great day of eating...BUT I noticed it say my hydration levels at near 33%..I have NEVER been over 31%  So this definitely tells me I am retaining much water.  So just to get thru these next few days then I hope to see a tremendous loss dang it!!

lunch green beans and chicken cooked in onions

After this lost all motivation.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Since May 1st I have gained 2.4lbs.  I suppose with TOMs pending arrival that isn't terrible but still annoying!  I do think I will be going past the 40days mark so I can stabilize before the next phase.  All these little ups and downs I don't think is the way to start a new level.  So TOM needs to get here so the scale will stop bouncing:)

Today was so busy rounding up a new pasture place for Lady, a horse trailer, visiting a customer in the hospital with her adorable new baby girl:)  So one end of the valley to another.  I was lucky to remember to eat let alone take my drops today.  This is exactly what I am worried about this summer as my summers get CRAZY!  With wedding season nearly upon us that on top normal family life and any other photo sessions to come up.  So luckily soon I am going to phase 3.  I just want to stabilize or I would go on to the next phase.

So today I survived off of Chocolate Delight, Chicken and strawberries lol.  All safe foods but still not balanced like it should be!  Tomorrow may tell me something...or not who knows but it is a new day regardless of anything else!

Tonight is another weekend of overnight dispatching again so I am sure that is going to add fun to my mix of the ups and downs of my weight the past week!  I am trying to avoid apple day due to I KNOW these ups and downs are my cycle prepping to begin...so would it really do me justice??

Thursday, May 6, 2010

HCG P2D30-33

Ok frustrated.  I have gone up and down the same pound all week!  Looking however I think TOM is coming soon...I had forgotten last month she came early.  I did start using my Arbonne facial system again and now wondering if that is part of my problem???  I was told that it doesn't affect but wondering if in my case it is affecting??  So I am going to quit using it again and try again after TOM leaves and see if I get the same results.

It is the ONLY thing out of the ordinary so next to pending TOM I can't think of anything else.

today chicken, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, ACV, Lemon and water.

Monday, May 3, 2010

HCG P2D27-29

Weekends always seem to end up screwy for me due to working overnights...phone rings sleep interrupted, phone keeps ringing and late to getting into sleep mode.

I gained .6 lbs one day for eating beef...so after all my ups and downs, stalls when eating beef and it is very lean I am guessing it is beef as my culprit:(  which sucks that puts me to only chicken since fish and I are still not the closest of friends!

I KNOW yesterday for sure I didn't get in all my water.  I had grilled cheese sandwich due to where I was..forgot my drops dinner I had a chicken salad so not bad there and guessing that is what saved me.  And I lost 1lb???  so I lose on a grilled cheese yet gain on beef...how rude.  Ah well at least when it comes time maybe that means cheese is not going to cause gains:)

So so busy today for lunch I spaced to eat...don't ask that just goes to show I really am not hungry on this way of life plan.

Dinner I cooked my chicken in hot sauce then dropped the whole brand new bottle and it crashed and busted!!  It was sooo good that I will have to go buy more now  and do it again lol.  I put this over my lettuce and greenbeans.  I also added lime juice while the chicken was cooking and ACV dressing over the whole deal.  tasty tasty.

To help with the weighty issues I have been adding 1/2 lemon to my water today.  Hoping to be down another lb at least tomorrow.  I woke up feeling puffy the last couple days not sure if this is a result of the beef?  who knows


Down another 1.2lbs...SO the safe chocolate delight, raspberry vinaigrette, cranberries and walnuts did NOT hurt me:)  They were maybe 1/2 a handful...or less even of each plus less than the norm 3.5oz of chicken so all together all the protein maybe came to 3.5oz.  Going to play with it...but maybe the tired feeling after eating chocolate I had yesterday was due to not taking vitamins the 2 or so days prior.

LUNCH~Taco Salad

1 1/2 C lettuce
3.5oz burger meat mix
1/2 C tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice and green chilis

I need to learn how to use my webcam...have had one all these years and when I first got a computer with them I thought how cool but then never used it.  I have thought about maybe starting to VLOG some of this...I don't know shall see.