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Monday, June 7, 2010


Today is a week of maintenance and I have maintained...YIPEE!!  We have had more stress ups and downs, back to hospital so I haven't been the best about abiding by Phase 3 rules.  So I must at least be staying w/in calories to be maintaining.  Hopefully I will soon get back to strictness, blogging, finding/sharing tips and if this rain would ever let up long enough for more than short light walks with hubby that would be great to being able to start working out again.  For now I figured the walks he has to take will have to due.  I considered joining a gym but right now is not a time for more bills plus the fuel to go back and forth 10 miles to town isn't worth the extra costs so for now I do what I can between the rain storms:)

I can also be found on FACEBOOK.  I set up a FB page just for my weightloss.  I have ended up finding an amazing group of people there for a support group as we all do this same journey with HCG.  If you are interested in joining me there as well!

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