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Monday, May 3, 2010

HCG P2D27-29

Weekends always seem to end up screwy for me due to working overnights...phone rings sleep interrupted, phone keeps ringing and late to getting into sleep mode.

I gained .6 lbs one day for eating beef...so after all my ups and downs, stalls when eating beef and it is very lean I am guessing it is beef as my culprit:(  which sucks that puts me to only chicken since fish and I are still not the closest of friends!

I KNOW yesterday for sure I didn't get in all my water.  I had grilled cheese sandwich due to where I was..forgot my drops dinner I had a chicken salad so not bad there and guessing that is what saved me.  And I lost 1lb???  so I lose on a grilled cheese yet gain on beef...how rude.  Ah well at least when it comes time maybe that means cheese is not going to cause gains:)

So so busy today for lunch I spaced to eat...don't ask that just goes to show I really am not hungry on this way of life plan.

Dinner I cooked my chicken in hot sauce then dropped the whole brand new bottle and it crashed and busted!!  It was sooo good that I will have to go buy more now  and do it again lol.  I put this over my lettuce and greenbeans.  I also added lime juice while the chicken was cooking and ACV dressing over the whole deal.  tasty tasty.

To help with the weighty issues I have been adding 1/2 lemon to my water today.  Hoping to be down another lb at least tomorrow.  I woke up feeling puffy the last couple days not sure if this is a result of the beef?  who knows

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  1. you can also try ground turkey in place of the grd beef.