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Friday, May 7, 2010


Since May 1st I have gained 2.4lbs.  I suppose with TOMs pending arrival that isn't terrible but still annoying!  I do think I will be going past the 40days mark so I can stabilize before the next phase.  All these little ups and downs I don't think is the way to start a new level.  So TOM needs to get here so the scale will stop bouncing:)

Today was so busy rounding up a new pasture place for Lady, a horse trailer, visiting a customer in the hospital with her adorable new baby girl:)  So one end of the valley to another.  I was lucky to remember to eat let alone take my drops today.  This is exactly what I am worried about this summer as my summers get CRAZY!  With wedding season nearly upon us that on top normal family life and any other photo sessions to come up.  So luckily soon I am going to phase 3.  I just want to stabilize or I would go on to the next phase.

So today I survived off of Chocolate Delight, Chicken and strawberries lol.  All safe foods but still not balanced like it should be!  Tomorrow may tell me something...or not who knows but it is a new day regardless of anything else!

Tonight is another weekend of overnight dispatching again so I am sure that is going to add fun to my mix of the ups and downs of my weight the past week!  I am trying to avoid apple day due to I KNOW these ups and downs are my cycle prepping to begin...so would it really do me justice??

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