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Monday, April 5, 2010

HCG P1D1 and 2

Well I didn't have access to the internet being away for the weekend.  Started my drops and loading days Sunday the 4th since it was Easter thought it was a good day to load...guess what my tongue didn't get all hairy and I didn't get all dizzy and pass out...lol.  Was wondering what those drops would be like and I tell ya it is like whiskey I guess is the best way to put it...kinda nasty but only for the first min or so.

I was thinking I could really load these 2 days but as luck would have it my mom decided to make lowfat foods...lol go figure.  But since I had already started the drops just meant I was going to eat extra and raid kids candy baskets...which I actually did horrible at this year.  I did get in pies and cakes so hoping this helped on the loading of those calories.

I did spot these 2 days not sure why.  I have questioned and was told this is unusual and not heard of.  I know I didn't drink near as much water as I would normally due to the traveling and such.  Hate hitting every bathroom I see.  Makes me feel worse than the kids so laid off the liquids...

So was this the best start I had hoped for...no but here is to hoping all will be fine.  I did have a few headaches but I am not sure if this is due to weather patterns or the HCG as headaches can happen on the protocol and usually let up after about a week or so.  I have issues when the barometer changes due to getting whiplash from a car accident years ago.  And since it has been stormy I can't say for sure but guessing in my case it is weather that has caused my headaches.  The headaches from the protocol would be from body detoxing like if my body was use to a lot of sugar, pop, caffeine etc.  I have little to none of that stuff so I really think my case is storm related.

So my hopeful goal for round one will be 30lbs...won't be disappointed if I lose less as long as I lose.  Will be beyond grateful if I lose more of course:0)

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