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Friday, April 16, 2010


WOOHOO!!!  Scale moved down another 2lbs:)  putting me .4lbs away from the 260s and 20lbs lost!!!!!!  I am soooo beyond excited.

Lunch today lettuce salad with 1/2 apple, lemon pepper chicken, cucumbers and ACV dressing

Dinner taco salad basically.  Used the mixed ground beef recipe and put over lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Another great read: http://www.liquidhcgdiet.com/lose-weight-reshape-your-body/ I didn't get my drops from this site but they are very helpful whether you purchase from them or not and have great articles they publish.

As it has been brought to my attention some protocols don't allow such things as Olive Oil and cauliflower so be sure you are following the protocol you were given.  Also some protocols are being told to not to have those things.  The one I am on also states I can have melons and berries others I guess cannot so please just because it is here and working for me doesn't mean it will work for you.  If you choose to try the things I am told I can have and you stall the next day cut it back out and follow the one you were given.  Also such things as mixing vegis but it is working for me.  So go with your gut see how things work for you and follow your protocol to the best you can.

This really DOES work!!!  I am not hungry, no real cravings...I think I have like once or twice and it was bad habits of boredom and reaching for munchies.  I feel like a walking infomercial and am thinking wow is this what it is like? SWEET!!  Know that yes you can do a 500 calorie diet w/o hcg, but also you will be starving, losing muscle and have sagging skin.  So far I have none of the above being on the hcg AND VLCD (very low calorie diet).  Keep in mind that your body doesn't go into stress because the HCG puts a layer around your good fat and eats the bad fat stored in your body so it actually makes your organs healthier and unstresses them from how you they were before the diet.

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