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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


ugh 273.6...that is up a couple pounds.  Ok so maybe I am still paying??  I feel all puffy this morning.  I drank a gallon of water yesterday so maybe today I will up that.  Also before bed I was youtubing HCG lol and I came across something interesting...sorry I closed it before thinking to get the video address.  Anyhow it was saying something about women seem to lose slower or even gain eating beef:(  that bums me out because it is cheaper. It was saying that as women lose weight the beef causes fluid build up in the fat pockets as the fat leaves.  SO I am going to do a mini trial as I only have a couple days of chicken on hand and grilled burgers are on tomorrow nights menu as we are going to Yellowstone for a family outing.

So I don't know if this gain is due to the cheese in the salad, further increase from my Sunday cheat, the new shoes and building muscle or maybe even the beef...but I do feel puffy this morning.  It can't be a lack of water as I never get in less than a gallon a day.  So today it is chicken and I am going to attempt tuna...keeping fingers crossed I don't get sick!!  I have been finally able to take fish pills for the first time in years, and the smell of the dogsfood is no longer bothering me.  so going to try...wish me luck.

Lunch...O-M-G I cannot believe I am about to put this...I had spinach, tomatoes and tuna!!!

TUNA!!  yeah I am excited over that it has been 11 LONG years of not even being able to smell fish let alone eat it.  I finally a few months ago started being able to tolerate fish oil pills, then not realizing I had gotten Womens One a Day powder vitamin drink pouches and just discovered it has all sorts of fish and the dogs food is bothering me less and less and just realized...I don't even notice it anymore.  They eat EVO Salmon and Herring...expensive but they all love it and with Paige hopefully pregnant now will be great for the babies.  Anyhow I got StarKist Gourmet Choice Solid White Albacore Tuna Fillet in water.  A pricier one but I figured if I am going to attempt this and hopefully not get sick I needed to start with a higher end.  Well so far all is going well.  Will update tonight:)  For now I am off to town to do a photoshoot of 2 adorable little kids!

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