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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well today was screwy...stopped at a friends house last night about halfway from where I was and home to cut the trip into a couple of days.  Well got snowed out of my own town so stayed put.  Snow and blowing snow on top of really slick icy roads and talk of possible closure of the mtn pass I have to cross.  So at the mercy menu of where I am staying though she was accommodating as her cupboards allowed for which I am grateful.  I had put the last of my money into fuel not expecting this delay.

So today had 2 apples, 200g of Chicken, VERY small baked potato and green beans.  Oh and after smelling those biscuits I HAD to have one.  it helped actually make up my calories needed so not terrible I suppose but definitely not on the protocol.

Tomorrow I hope to head home this should help drastically to stay on the protocol.  No scale so no clue how much I gained from my load days.  Thinking it over maybe I should have waited to get home to load and get going but ah well such is life.  Already rolling now so we will just keep on trucking.

I am not hungry today so maybe I loaded just fine.  Oh and I didn't do any spotting today:0)  So maybe it was lack of water??? who knows.  I did better on fluids today seeing as how I am not able to travel due to weather.  I will also say after the last couple weeks of drinking only bottled water....water from the tap leaves something to be desired!

I know it says to weigh daily but not sure if I will...shall see.  BUT if I do at least I see something come off daily and keep motivation levels up if a tough moment comes up in my day.  I will weigh in Thursday morning to see where I am at from at least my before weigh in.

OH and another thing I am using to keep track is: http://www.weightcommander2.com  Great thing pay for this little gizmo is only what you can afford they will send you a bill for whatever you say you can pay.  They realize with this economy times are tough for everyone so this way everyone wins.

Another rockin site I have come across: http://www.livestrong.com/myplate/ -granted based on a 2000 calorie diet which is fine as I can improvise, but you can enter what you ate, when and it will keep track of it all if nothing else use it to get calorie counts.  I only use it for calorie counter and keep everything on the weight commander.

I am also keeping track of inches lost.  I will do another post of those numbers when I get home.

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