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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well today has been a crazy out of normal day.  Scale registered down another 1.6 making it a total of 15lbs to date!!  Very excited over that and just totally blows me away.

I didn't cheat,  but eating schedule was later than normal as well as interrupted sleep last night due to dispatching.  I hope these factors don't hurt me too much with the scale in the morning.  I have phones again tonight and I am tired as is as today has been go go go on top of lack of sleep last night.  I am grateful I have a position I can work from home 2 nights a week on top of my photography business really helps supplement the slow times, but these all nighters really get to me.  At least I can sleep lol but it is interrupted so it does suck and by morning feels as if there was none if my sleep was interrupted more than once.

So today I had:

1 apple

Subway roasted chicken salad again.  


hamburger patty
green beans
4 melba toast
green tea (which I have 2 cups a day generally but just realized I haven't been putting it down as well as 3T ACV)

Ok going to try and settle in for the night sorry short to the point post I am tired though but that is one of the "perks" of working at home I guess lol

Sheesh so tired I forgot to report that I was able to put on and button/zip while standing a size 22 pair of jeans:) So wore them today and the shirt is a solid size 22 that was comfortable...not too large, not too small just right.  The jeans still on the tighter side BUT fit and were comfortable enough to sit in and drive 3 hours today!!

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