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Monday, April 26, 2010


WOOHOO...today day 21 is the minimum I have to do...but still losing weight so just going with the flow now as long as I am not stalling too bad then I see no reason right now not to continue pushing forward.  I want to be solidly into the 260s or even 250s would be better before going to phase 3.

It is also Monday so measurement day as well!!

Today I am at 267.4 so down 22.6lbs and 18 inches in just 3weeks!!!  When I saw the .4's and .8s it is frustrating but at least it wasn't going the other way and not a stall...so something is something as long as it is going DOWN!  I have 10.4lbs more I would love to lose this round, but if I don't lose anymore this round I would still be happy and definitely recommend this protocol to ANYONE that is truly ready to lose weight.  Definitely takes willpower and dedication.  If you aren't fully committed to losing weight it isn't the right time to try this or you will fail!  So the game plan is to keep on keeping on unless I start stalling then I will take it as a sign from my body it is time to break and head to phase 3:)

Was a bit upset today over the Facebook Liquid HCG fanpage that I can no longer participate in their conversations.  I thought at first just a glitch so went and used my sons page and I could post, ask questions etc.  So apparently since I did not order from them I am no longer welcome!  Ah well sucks to be them.  Sorry I found it MUCH cheaper elsewhere and the product works as well as much friendlier service to boot. They can't stop me from reading and keeping up my motivation.  I had noticed over the past week or so that their fanpage count was going down.  They were nearly at 60,000 and now down to 58,419 so whatever to them.  It shouldn't matter whos product you are using ...if you truly want people to lose weight and the product type works...who cares!  support is necessary for all.  There are other HCG support pages just not as hopping as that page is.

I knew I should be taking Amino Acids on this protocol but haven't been doing so.  But today I found a blog from a nutritionist and read just how they affect and help you.  So today when I go to town I will pick up some GABA.

Well forgot to pick up the GABA and had a headache since I woke up this morning and I slept thru lunch time...oops.  So I added a little extra chicken and had a little larger salad for dinner tonight and an apple.  Hope I didn't hurt myself by not eating all day.  Tomorrow is a new day:)

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