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Sunday, April 11, 2010


After 2 nights of interrupted sleep, a late everything meal yesterday I still lost another .8 lbs this morning...I WILL take it lol.  The said avg is 1-2 lbs a day I am well above that at this time.  typically it is men that lose lots and fast.  We women have factors against us such as our monthly visitors, retaining of water etc. 274.2lbs is nothing to balk about esp since one week ago today I weighed in at 290...even if I didn't lose another pound this round I would be happy, but of course I am rooting for more...lol.

I at least want to get into the 260s this round if possible.  I have not yet decided if I will do the full 40 days which then means 40 days of phase 3 that which just before my birthday I would be doing another round....or get into the 260s goal area and take my first break after I hit the 23 or 30 days.  My thoughts are as long as I am still going down I will go all the 40 days.

1/2 grapefruit mid morning (41 Cals)
Lunch spinach salad w/tomato, hamburger meat and ACV
strawberry smoothie sipped on thru out the afternoon
Dinner Chili (see recipe) makes 1 bowl
Melba Toast (60 Cals) between this and the meat in my chili the calorie counter says I am over by 100 cals...not sure on accuracy but still better to be a little over than under I suppose.

I am VERY full so maybe I am over in calories.  I feel like I just forced down a Fuddruckers burger LOL.  Oh well that is ok...hopefully doesn't hurt me tomorrow.  I should get a full nights sleep though tonight and dinner was a little later than normal, but not as late as last night.  Still 3 hours before bedtime so maybe we will be ok.

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