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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Have some light itchys here and there...have read it could happen but isn't terrible!  Have energy actually I am amazed!!  But not so hot weather today...in fact totally crazy out of nowhere blizzard blew through. Cloudy, went sunny, then up came 50mph winds, temps dropped drastically, clouds again lost our sun and then vertical snow...no joke.  All that last bit in about 10 mins flat.  So no walk today as the snow came down fast furious and started sticking.

So anyhow had the hamburger mixture with tomatoes today for both lunch and dinner with dried apples in between due to that is what is in the house.  I thought I had more approved foods but that is it...so glad tomorrow is payday.  Hoping before lunch hubby gets paid so I don't eat anything bad.  I did really good today with no desire for anything bad for me:0)  I soooo can't wait to see the scale in the morning!!!  Having this for 2 meals actually puts me a little over my 500 calories, but I think that may be ok seeing as how yesterday I was over 100 calories under!

Ok my new goal is to be in bed resting by 10 and asleep by 11p.m.  Did you know between 11p.m.-2a.m. is when it is crucial sleep/rest time for your body??

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