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Monday, April 19, 2010


Well  my little indiscretion yesterday cost me a 1.4 gain from my last official weigh in on Friday.  So whether or not I lost some over the weekend who knows, but from my last weight in I am up 1.4lbs so that isn't too terrible and will probably be off tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

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Lunch:  McDonalds Caesar salad with grilled chicken minus the dressing 220 Calories...I picked out the carrots and it did have the parmesan cheese all thru out.  I totally spaced it had any kind of cheese so hopefully I will be ok.  We were out and about long after we were expecting to be and I felt it was better to eat something than not and feel this was a healthier option than what I could have chosen.

Dinner: Spinach salad, burger meat mix, apple, ACV dressing and strawberries.

So hoping the cheese doesn't hurt me too badly.  I ended up with lots of walking between errands and with my daughter being down with her foot I am taking several mini 20 min. walks a day.  PLUS I got new shoes over the weekend- those sketchers Tone Up sandals. LOVE them, but now worried about what if they start actually doing as they claim and I start building muscle...that weighs more than fat.  Well we will see how things go I suppose.

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