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Thursday, April 22, 2010

HCG P2D16 and 17

Busy couple of days.  I have finally lost the 3 lbs I gained from Sunday:)  Even going to Yellowstone and eating at our favorite KBar pizza place....the best pizza out this way.  I was good and went down the road and got a subway salad...last night on the way home we went to Dairy Queen and got blizzards for the family I resisted...that was hard considering my son chose to get the new flavor ooey gooey caramel brownie...oh yum!! sounded delish..but this mornings being down another 1.4lbs was well worth the resisting.  Now hopefully tomorrow will be below the 270s mark!!

Salad and burger meat both lunch and dinner today.  Went up near West Yellowstone and grilled burgers.  I took salad so hopefully I will be ok.

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