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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ok today I said screw it all...yes nothing tastes a good as thin feels and tomorrow when I step upon that scale I may very well regret today...but ya know what...it felt GREAT to eat one slice of pizza and feel stuffed beyond belief but tasted as good as it did the 2 days I was stressed in life and thought I could taste it for as bad as I craved it!  Then decided to attempt oreo pudding...I ate maybe 1/2 a cup and again stuffed beyond belief and then I attempted stuffed potato skins and almond joy pieces...the pieces were way too sweet I couldn't hack it and the skins good but ate 3 small halves and couldn't eat anymore and tonight I feel like I did on my load days.  This weekend has been very hard between all nighters with the phones, Kelda being injured, 1/2 the day at the spay clinic, and today I woke up it was gorgeous and WARM and I simply said screw it!

So will I pay for it tomorrow...most definitely.  But I am ready to get back down to business in the morning.  Hopefully I don't pay too dearly with my little indiscretions today.  Currently I don't feel bad for my decision however my stomach is killing me and feels like I don't know what...totally bloated though!!  Not a fun feeling in the least.

In the morning we shall see what the scale says until then I am off to finish my last few ounces of water for the day (that much I did do...got in a gallon of water and kept taking my drops) and watch the ACM Awards:)  Night

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