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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HCG P2D22 and 23

Well down another 1.6lbs on my 23rd morning wakeup:)  for a total of 23.8lbs!!!  didn't get to eat until late 2 nights in a row now so what I did last night and tonight is I ate less than I should normally and this morning I was ok...shall see tomorrow with today being another late nighter.  I hate getting off my food schedule as it seems to slow down my progress.

Sad thing I spilled some of my HCG:(  Fortunately a new bottle is being shipped and hopefully makes it before I run out.  I have cut down the amount I am taking to hopefully keep me taking it until the new bottle arrives.  I considered just calling it good but decided I am stingy I want to lose more and I want the days I still got lol.  I have had a headache but think it is just coinciding with the fact that we have had a wicked storm roll thru and is not done yet!  I was at the shop where hubby works today and while there they were celebrating one of the other dispatchers birthday and was just cutting into a DQ ice cream cake!!  I did take a few bites from my daughters slice....but you know it wasn't like I had to have a lot...a few bites and it was ok but not like I would have been 3 weeks ago in I want more because it tastes soooo good it was only fair.

I tried the Walden Farms Honey Dijon dressing today and the jury is still out on exact feelings about it.  I mean I guess it is ok..but yeah not sure.

Lunch 1/2 a Wendys grilled chicken caesar salad with the Walden Farms dressing...fortunately this time they pretty much loaded the top with Parmesan cheese and I took most of it off.

Dinner chicken and green beans with ACV dressing.

So I am off...night

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