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Thursday, April 29, 2010


PHEW!! late dinner and a couple bites of ice cream cake didn't hurt me...down another 1.4lbs:0)  I want to lose a min of 8lbs more on this round 15 more would be totally rockin but goal is 8 more in case I get some more slow days then I won't be disappointed.

Broke down and made chocolate candy today!  YUM and guilt free...I hope... will know tomorrow for sure with my scale and in the next phase I will be able to add nuts or dried cranberries or well we will see.

Lunch had Chili it snowed today so just seemed appropriate

Dinner hcg meat mix with green beans

just dawned on me I haven't taken vitamins or calcium for 3 days now...oops better get back to that.

I did learn today that there is a 34lbs or 60 day limit when on sub-lingual drops of hcg.  So I am going to go the 40 days only 15 days away...not sure yet if I will stop at the 34lbs mark or just go until my days are up...will see.  I realize the body needs a break which is why 40days is my stopping point.

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