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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Scale up .2lbs

Forcing food down today...not hungry but wanting to eat out of boredom...between Andi's MRI situation, snowing, Kelda injuring her ankle again and badly spraining it, did I mention it is snowing?? I am wanting to munch out of boredom yet I am not hungry.  OH and my cycle started today...a few days early.  I spotted yesterday so wondered and then today full blown.  I am sure this is the reason for the .2 increase and the stall yesterday.  I can handle that.  No cravings other than the need for a little salt on my food...I am feeling a little bloated this afternoon, but not terrible.  Trying to drink extra water and adding lemon today.

Midmorning 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch I had spinach, chicken marinated in strawberry sauce apple and Vinaigrette over the top.

Dinner spinach, lemon pepper chicken, green beans and the same Vinaigrette from earlier.

I think I have waited a little late to eat I am starving while waiting for my chicken to cook.  Hopefully I am on the ok side and aren't hungry later.  I woke from my nap craving Plain Lays Potato chips!  First time to crave something all week...I think it is due to TOM (time of month) honestly.

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