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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


From a fellow HCGer I got this link and like it better than the other one I posted I think:0)  Thanks so much.
http://www.acaloriecounter.com You can type in what you are looking for, put how many servings, click add to my foods. Set up your calorie count for the day and it will tell you how many left for the day or if you went over and by how much....guess what somehow today I managed to be under:( 

Well not being home at lunch...umm yeah hope this doesn't hurt me I had 1/2C of chili mac. and 4oz of tomato juice.  I did step on the scale out of curiosity and I am down 10 lbs than when I left town...no clue load days gain and that was mid day tons of water in my system, having just gotten done driving 3 1/2 hours etc...so excited now to see my actual morning weigh in!!!!!

Dinner I had Chicken soup with celery.  was tasty.  Also had green tea and that nasty NASTY ACV...apple cider vinegar!  bleck yuck gross....shutters.  BUT is said to help so ya know the things one will do to help every possible step lol.  I did dilute the 3T in warm water and stevia added as well and it made it more tolerable but not by much.

So here is to tomorrow....I can't wait to see my results and will continue updating recipes as I come across them.  I still have tons more that was sent to me.  So far all the ones listed are for phase 2.  I didn't think to tag them as such so in phase 3 I will be sure when I get there to tag as phase 3 along with other categories.

Good night signing off...well going to go mess around Facebook  for a few most likely lol.  

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