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Friday, April 9, 2010


Ok ever lay in bed and just KNOW you feel skinnier?? Not yet??? Well think of that moment of how you are feeling after your monthly visitor leaves and you aren't swollen and poofy that is how I woke this morning!

Stepped on the scale and....down another 3.4lbs!!!!  Making it 276.6 lbs WOOHOO WOOHOO go me.

Well I had to try on a pair of size 22 jeans I purchased a couple weeks ago thinking it said 24 only to be upset when I got home and they weren't.  Yeah yeah I know I know that is what dressing rooms are for...I wasn't in the mood to try anything on...lol.  I was a size 24 and they were getting tight and iffy.  Guess what that accidental purchase...size 22...FIT!!!  Still a little on the tight side but that is OK I got them over my hips, zipped and buttoned....I KNOW they will loosen in the next few days and then NOT fit at all :0)

I am NOT hungry.  Sometimes as it is close to time to eat again hunger pangs begin but I take the drops and by the end of 15 minutes and taking that first bite I am already feeling satisfied. Where I am only actively eating 500 calories my body is being fueled with 2000-3000 or so calories by feeding off the reserved fat.  I swear it looks like I have less cellulite...but of course I didn't do naked photos...I have some from a couple years ago where I tried losing weight and I do have clothed photos from Easter Sunday my first load day.  That is probably what I will use as my before and side by side with my end of Phase 2 photo.

Lunch today was a Subway Roasted Chicken Salad 130 calories...I couldn't eat it all!!  So added to it for dinner tonight so this still only puts me at 260 calories. I did add Sweet Onion sauce for dressing before I thought about how many sugars might be in it...but I just looked it up online and it is only 8g of sugar...so I didn't totally blow it and There are 40 calories so even still 170 Calories and barely a hint of taste of it on my dinner I am maybe at 300 calories for the day.

So at only 300 calories decided I need to get in more so made myself an Orange Julius (See Desserts for recipe).  It is about 80 calories...so getting closer.  Sheesh never knew getting in 500 calories could be so darned hard!!  Sooo for the first time I must resort to eating Melba Toast to help make up the extra cals.  5 toasts later and I am STILL 80 cals short!!  but I am indeed full.

I ended up taking a 4 hour or so walk today with all the errands I had to get done. 3hrs alone walking around Walmart because they literally changed everything around so took forever to find everything I needed.

So in case it is hard to read thru the long windedness there:

Lunch Subway Roasted Chicken Salad...170 Cals (probably a little less since I didn't eat it all)
Dinner rest of lunch with a little added lettuce added.....130 Cals
Orange Julius....80 Cals
5 Melba Toast....80 Cals

I think yesterday I went slightly over in Calories but the day before I was under.  Again never imagined feeling full and lucky to get in 500 calories daily.  And of course I always get in TONS of water.  I think I fill my 44 oz mug at minimum of 4 times a day...typically more like 5-6 times.

Can't wait for morning weigh in.  In bed by 10 asleep by 11  Well scratch that...I forgot it is Friday which means I have to dispatch the overnight shifts tonight and tomorrow night!  At least it is only 2 days a week right?  Hope it doesn't stall me out getting little sleep if calls come in.

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